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We are located in downtown Black Mountain, NC, and occupy three historic buildings dating from the 1920s (one used to be the 5-and-10 and one used to be the drug store). We are still a working hardware store, with all the products and services you would expect from a top-of-the-line hardware chain. In addition, we are a traditional general store with a huge variety of items that amazes even long-time customers. We don’t just offer the basics. We carry a number of hard-to-find items — not just in hardware and tools, but also in housewares, toys, and outdoor living. 

Many of our customers joke “If you don’t have it, we don’t need it.”

Come in and see for yourself what an “old timey” hardware and general store looks, smells and feels like.

A little bit play time and a little bit practical, this Black Mountain business could have helped build Noah’s ark — and kept its occupants happy. -Southern Living

Here you will find a wide selection for your home, cottage, or vacation remembrance, including wind chimes, cast iron cookware, handcrafted cutting boards, and kitchen treasures. For your personal needs we have shaving and grooming supplies, soap, salves and ointments. For the garden, choose from a variety of whimsical garden accessories or practical tools and birding supplies. We also stock necessities such as batteries, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and brooms.

box of toys

Children of all ages will delight in the variety of traditional games and toys. Radio Flyer wagons, sleds, marbles, diecast cars, spinning tops, balsa gliders, wooden toys and puzzles, yo-yos, metal lunch boxes and rubber band guns are just a few of the great items you’ll find.

The crème de la crème of Black Mountain downtown retailers. –Our State Magazine
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Folks come from miles around to peruse our woodworking wall, which includes drawknives, spokeshaves and carving tools. You’ll also find axes, pocket knives, whetstones, and just about every kind of nut, bolt and screw under the sun. Or choose from a multitude of decorative hooks and forged iron hardware to accent your home. Of course, we offer a full selection of paint, plumbing and electrical supplies.

We look forward to seeing you!