Lodge Cast Iron

Town Hardware & General Store is the best place to stock your kitchen with all of the best Lodge Cast Iron products. 

Looking for a good housewarming gift, Christmas present, or just looking to step up your cooking game? Then you need to check out Town Hardware & General Store’s vast selection of Lodge Cast Iron. Town Hardware & General store proudly serves the Black Mountain, North Carolina area with all of the Lodge Cast Iron griddles, skillets, dutch oven, and accessories that you would need! 


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Why cast iron is so great:

Lodge Cast Iron products are the perfect choice for you. Cast iron cookware is naturally nonstick, which adds convenience and is a great replacement for other cookware with harsh non-stick chemicals. Cooking with cast iron is the best way to add flavor to your meals and the heat retention allows you to cook efficiently and add some crisp texture to your food. Finally, cast iron is durable. Lodge Cast Iron is built to last and to be used for a lifetime. If you take care of your Lodge Cast Iron skillet, it will bring you many tasty meals to come in your future. 


Town Hardware & General store even has all of the Lodge Cast Iron accessories such as grill presses, silicone handle holders, and Lodge’s chainmail scrubber, which helps keep your cast iron looking its best. Town Hardware & General store not only serves Black Mountain, North Carolina, but is the best place to buy Lodge Cast Iron in Swannanoa, Ridgecrest, Montreat, and the Asheville area as well.

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